50 Cent: My Creditors Are Making Me A Slave

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50 Cent Slave

By Michael Lewittes |

50 Cent Slave

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50 Cent says his creditors are trying to make him a slave to pay off his more than $30 million of debt, and in the process are violating the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865. The rapper, born Curtis Jackson, is arguing in his bankruptcy protection case that the plan his biggest creditors came back with is tantamount to slavery or “involuntary servitude,” which was made illegal more than 150 years ago. The bulk of the money 50 Cent owes is to Sleek Audio, Lastonia Leviston, and SunTrust Bank.

50 Cent says in court papers that the creditors’ plan calls for a “near-indefinite period of involuntary indentured servitude,” and that the work he gets and revenue he generates will be just for their pockets. 50 Cent argues the creditors’ plan is “compulsive labor” and unconstitutional. The rapper adds in his response that his “access to food and shelter [is dependent] on the whim of the trustee,” who he says works on behalf of the creditors. Technically speaking, the trustee advocates for the party who’s filed for bankruptcy, while jugging the concerns of the creditors and others.

The rapper is currently in the hole for more than $30 million because a Florida company called Sleek Audio successfully won a judgment in excess of $18.4 million against 50 Cent for allegedly stealing their headphones’ design. He also owes $7 million to Lastonia Leviston, the mother of Rick Ross’ child, for posting a private sex tape she had online.

Not only didn’t the rapper have permission to publicly share Leviston’s tape, but when he did, 50 Cent added narration to the footage, calling her a “slut” and “motherf***ing porn star.” In July, she was awarded $5 million for emotional distress and invasion of privacy, and an additional $2 million for punitive damages. Added to those debts are legal fees 50 Cent owes to his lawyers, as well as nearly $2 million to his grandfather, and other expenses, including his Bentley.

Gossip Cop strongly suspects 50 Cent’s argument that the creditors’ plan is in violation of the 13th Amendment and amounts to “slavery” will not fly in court. Also, not once do we remember reading in history class about slaves who owned luxury homes and drove Bentleys.


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