50 Cent Punches Female Fan In Chest After She Pulls Him Off Stage (VIDEO)

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50 Cent Punches Female Fan

By Andrew Shuster |

50 Cent Punches Female Fan

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50 Cent punched a female fan in the chest after she pulled him off stage during a concert at Baltimore Soundstage on Saturday night. Watch the video below.

Footage of the incident, obtained by TMZ, shows the rapper reaching down into the crowd to shake hands with various concertgoers. One woman, however, refuses to let go of his hand and subsequently pulls him off the stage, at which time he strikes her in the chest to free himself. Several people in 50 Cent’s entourage then rush to his aide, but the rapper quickly diffuses the situation by inviting the woman up on stage.

“Come on, come one,” he says into the mic. “Tell her to come over here.” After being lifted on stage by a staffer at the venue, the woman then begins twerking during the rapper’s next song. Of course, this isn’t the first time an altercation has erupted between a musician and an overzealous fan.

As Gossip Cop reported, Afroman punched a woman at a 2015 concert in Biloxi, Mississippi after she began dancing behind him. As we also noted, Justin Bieber punched a fan in the face in Barcelona last year when the man reached inside the singer’s car and grabbed him. Watch the incident between 50 Cent and a fan in the video below.


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