50 Cent Flaunts Mansion In “Africa,” Despite Bankruptcy Filing (VIDEO)

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50 Cent Mansion Africa Video

By Shari Weiss |

50 Cent Mansion Africa Video

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50 Cent is apparently building a mansion in “Africa,” despite his bankruptcy filing. See video below.

On Saturday, the rapper posted a video taken outside the huge, unfinished house, where workers could be seen readying the grounds. “My crib is almost finished in AFRICA. I’m gonna have the craziest House warming party ever. I’ll explain later,” he captioned the picture, adding, “I got a good life Man.”

Not surprisingly, many followers were confused. “This don’t look like bankruptcy to me lol,” wrote one person. Another asked, “How you file bankruptcy and buy a new crib?” Some took issue with 50 Cent saying “in Africa,” since that is a continent and not a country. A debate even broke out among commenters, with some judging how 50 Cent was spending his money. “Damn man!!!!! while childrens [sic] just want something to eat,” said one individual.

Others were quick to fire back, though, arguing, “If all rich black Americans can invest in Africa like @50cent does there will be less poverty and hunger #respect to u.” A different person pointed out, “50 Cent has a village in Africa that he funds and he visits… If you watch his show ‘Dream School’ you’ll see he does a lot for people of every race all over the world… He just doesn’t advertise it for publicity like a lot of celebrities.”

Still, 50 Cent’s post comes nearly two months after he filed for bankruptcy. While he then went on to claim he wasn’t at all broke and was just reorganizing his finances, he then testified under oath that he’s worth less than $5 million and has been exaggerating his wealth for show. And earlier this week, 50 Cent sought permission from his bankruptcy judge in order to pay his utilities for his 50,000 square foot Connecticut mansion.

50 Cent hasn’t further posted about his new home in “Africa,” and instead went on to one of his other favorite pastimes: mocking rival Diddy. Note: Video is no longer available.


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