50 Cent Asked For $1 Million By Autistic Teen Janitor He Mocked

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50 Cent Autistic Janitor

By Andrew Shuster |

50 Cent Autistic Janitor

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50 Cent filmed himself mocking an autistic 19-year-old airport janitor named Andrew Farrell, whom he mistakenly believed to be high on drugs. Farrell and his family are now asking the rapper to donate $1 million to his GoFundMe page or face a lawsuit.

The rapper’s Instagram video, shot in the Cincinnati airport, shows 50 Cent approaching Farrell as the teen pushes his janitorial cart. “This new generation is crazy,” the singer says, before asking the teen, “What’s your name?” Farrell stays quiet and tries to ignore the rapper, who continues, “Look at him. What kind of s**t you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a motherf***er right here in the airport. Pupils dilated and everything.” 50 Cent added once again, “The new generation is f***ing crazy.”

However, what the rapper didn’t realize is that Farrell isn’t simply a member of the “new generation,” nor was he on any illicit substances. Instead, the teen has Asperger’s syndrome and is hearing impaired. Farrell’s family has now hired a lawyer, but they would rather avoid paying expensive legal fees associated with suing 50 cent.

Instead, they’re requesting a $1 million donation to Farrell’s account on GoFundMe, a crowdfunding platform that’s often used to raise money for illnesses. The family would also like the rapper to personally apologize to the teen. For his part, 50 Cent has yet to respond to the situation, but he did delete the video from his Instagram page.

UPDATE: In a statement released via his rep on Tuesday night, 50 Cent says, “While the incident at the airport resulted from an unfortunate misunderstanding, I am truly sorry for offending the young man. It was certainly not my intent to insult him or the disability community, which is a source of great strength in America. I have apologized personally to him and his family.”


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