5-Year-Old Boy Claims He’s Reincarnation Of Woman Who Died In 1993 Fire (VIDEO)


By Daniel Gates |


(Fox 8)

Luke Ruehlman is five years old and convinced he is the reincarnation of Pam Robinson, an adult woman who died in a Chicago fire in 1993. His bizarre story baffled his family, who then decided to put it on reality television. Watch the video below.

As a toddler, the Ohio boy started to use the name “Pam” with increasing frequency, leading his family to start asking questions. His very specific answers troubled them, especially when he explained that he was “Pam.” Luke’s mom Erica says he told her, “Well I used to be [Pam], but I died and went to heaven and I saw God and eventually God pushed me back down. When I woke up I was a baby and you named me Luke.” He then claimed he’d died by jumping from a building during a fire in Chicago. Luke also said he’d been black.

Because the family knew no Pams and Luke had never been to Chicago, Erica started doing some digging. She found out that a fire at the Paxton Hotel killed 19 people in 1993. One of the victims, an African-American woman in her thirties, was named Pamela Robinson. She had jumped to her death.

Ruehlman’s tale has now been incorporated into the TV show “Ghost Inside My Child.” During the show, Luke was shown a bunch of pictures, including one of Robinson. He pointed to that one and said he “remembered” when it was taken. So there’s that. And why would reality TV make up anything?

The Lifetime Movie Network series “explores many parents’ most closely guarded secret: Their child is a reincarnation of someone who died violently and came back to life.” The secret can’t be too closely guarded, of course, if the parents are putting it on television. Watch the video about Ruehlman below, and tell us what you think.


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