5 Seconds Of Summer Naked On Rolling Stone Cover, Fans Upset Over Interview

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5 Seconds Of Summer Rolling Stone Cover

By Shari Weiss |

5 Seconds Of Summer Rolling Stone Cover

(Rolling Stone)

5 Seconds Of Summer is naked on the cover of Rolling Stone, much to fans’ delight. But it’s the accompanying interview that has fans upset.

Though the issue is the first of January 2016, the cover and article scans leaked online on Friday. Supporters initially were hot and bothered over the nude cover, which depicts the guys completely naked as they use their hands to cover their junk. But they became just bothered after reading the story, which suggests the “hottest band in the world” is interested in little more than sex and partying.

There’s references to Michael Clifford’s masturbation device, Calum Hood looking for free porn, Luke Hemmings having sex with “multiple girls in one night,” and a description of Hemmings making out with his girlfriend Arzaylea. “You guys ever Google-Image ‘boobs’?” Clifford asks at one point. “When I was 11, I used to take off ‘safe search’ in Google Images. Oh, man, this isn’t helping the article at all, is it?” There’s also mentions of the guys’ partying habits and some drunken antics, and while there’s some discussion of the group’s music, there’s not enough to overshadow the piece’s seedier aspects.

And as the article circulated on social media on Christmas Day, fans took to Twitter to rip the story. “To be honest I’m not sure how to feel after that Rolling Stones article… It actually made me feel kinda sick,” wrote one person. Another complained, “I learned more about Arzaylea in the Rolling Stones issue than I did about 5sos and their MUSIC wow I am appalled.” A different individual argued, “The 5sos rolling stone interview is awful. degrading women/using them as objects is not ok & they made it seem like they were proud of it.”

And even though the full cover story was posted on the Rolling Stone website on Saturday, some are convinced the article is actually fake. Others have questioned whether the writer fabricated some of the details. But Clifford seemed to confirm its authenticity when he tweeted, “I hate when people include everything in an article EXCEPT the reason we’re a band; the fans.” TELL US: What do you think of the controversy?


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