2 Chainz Dog Falls Asleep During Jimmy Fallon Interview On “Tonight Show”

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2 Chainz Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

2 Chainz Jimmy Fallon Video


2 Chainz and Jimmy Fallon had an entertaining interview on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” but the rapper’s dog wasn’t too interested. Sitting on 2 Chainz’s lap, he fell asleep during the conversation. Watch the video below!

2 Chainz introduced his adorable pooch as Trappy, eliciting a chorus of “aw” from the audience. In response, the canine just stared out into the crowd of people before him. The music star and Fallon then went on to have a traditional chat, with the host asking him about breaking his leg in August. “Just being at the wrong place at the wrong time,” he explained. “I can tell you never try driving a four-wheeler wearing slides. That’s all I can tell you right now.” He defied doctors’ orders not to go on tour, feeling responsible for all the associated crew who would be out of work if he canceled. His solution was a pink wheelchair, which tied into his album, Trap.

As he explained what happened 2 Chainz amusingly urged Fallon to plug his album, as if he didn’t know to do it. As the performer went on, Trappy’s eyes started to close. “The dog is falling asleep,” the comedian announced, to which 2 Chainz cracked, “He’s heard this story before.” But the laughter actually woke the little guy up, at least temporarily. Trappy looked around and then closed his eyes again to doze as his owner talked on. He continued to alternate between snoozing and looking around, unable to stay awake during the segment, even as 2 Chainz spoke about Trappy’s doggy dad and how they ended up together. “He’s heard that story before, too,” the rap star quipped as the dog continued to drift in and out of sleep.

2 Chainz hilariously went on to say that his pet “always takes the shine away from me,” but insisted he’s “cool with the dog.” As Trappy remained disinterested in what was going on, Fallon and 2 Chainz did a taste test to see if the late-night personality could tell the difference between tap water and rapper’s expensive 90H20 brand. Before drinking, Fallon was concerned over whether Trappy had a sip. Check out the video below to see what happened!

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