2 Chainz: Ariana Grande Concert Should Be “Safe” – Watch “The View” Video

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The View 2Chainz Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View 2Chainz Video


2 Chainz spoke out about the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester on “The View” on Wednesday. Check out the video below.

2 Chainz was on the ABC talk show to promote his upcoming album, but spent most of his interview discussing politics and human interest issues. Whoopi Goldberg began the chat by asking him to weigh in on the terrorist attack that left 22 dead and at least 59 injured at the end of Grande’s concert on Monday. “I think that situation is very unfortunate,” the rapper said.

“When people go to concerts, they feel like it’s a place to get away. For some kids, it’s their first time being away from their parents. And for parents, you hope they have a good time and get back home safely. And when you speak of someone like Ariana Grande, this is a concert where there shouldn’t be that much resistance. It should be safe,” 2 Chainz explained.

He went on, “I know a lot of the content from hip-hop rappers, you just assume, even the venue insurance is just different. With this situation, it’s a trickle-down effect. I don’t know where the mindset is for her. It’s just a real unfortunate situation.” The music star, who is known for explicit songs, later revealed that his young daughter “asked me a question recently and it changed the way I think about music.”

And 2 Chainz previously expressed interest in running for mayor in College Park, Georgia, but did not meet the prerequisites. Still, the panelists touted all of his charity endeavors, such as buying furniture and paying rent for families in need. “I think it’s important for me to use my platform and not just talk about it. Show it by implement[ing] some type of action, coming up with some creative ideas to where they don’t feel like they’re left out or forgotten about,” he said, noting, “I don’t have any stories of somebody coming back when I was young.”

He added, “I’m being very successful, so for me it’s important I show god that I appreciate it by helping out.” Watch the full video below.

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