#10YearsOfHannahMontana: Miley Cyrus Fans Celebrate Disney Channel Show’s 10th Anniversary

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10 Years Hannah Montana Anniversary

By Shari Weiss |

10 Years Hannah Montana Anniversary

(Disney Channel)

“Hannah Montana” marks it 10th anniversary on Thursday, prompting “#10YearsOfHannahMontana” to become a trending topic both worldwide and in the United States.

The iconic Disney Channel show starring Miley Cyrus premiered on March 24, 2006. At the time, Cyrus’ career was just starting out and she was best known as the daughter of “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Her father joined her on the series, playing the dad of the fictional “Miley Stewart.” Cyrus, of course, portrayed a teen who balanced a double life: student Miley by day and pop star Hannah at night.

With four seasons and nearly 100 episodes, the series was a bonafide hit and launched Cyrus into superstardom. There were soundtracks, a concert tour, a full-on movie, and lots of Teen Choice Awards. As the singer-actress grew up, however, she tried to break away from her child star image, even as the show was still on the air. And then, on a 2013 episode of “SNL,” Cyrus infamously announced, “I’m not going to do Hannah Montana, but I can give you an update: She was murdered.”

But the show lives on for many fans. @HannahMemories tweeted, “4 seasons, 96 Episodes, 1 Movie, 5 Soundtracks, 61 Songs, and years of memories to keep with us. #10yearsofHannahMontana.” @WHATAGRIER posted, “Take me back to where helping Miley choose Jesse or Jake was the biggest dilemma in my life #10YearsOfHannahMontana.” @SoDamnTrue admitted, “After all these years, i still want hannah montana’s closet #10YearsOfHannahMontana.”

@CarlosParejo shared, “I still love Miley and her music she’s such an inspiration, I met her & her fam six years ago and she was so sweet #10YearsOfHannahMontana.” And ChocMilkSheikh confessed, “#10YearsOfHannahMontana Oh my God, I feel so old. Back when Disney channel had the best shows!” Many Cyrus and “Hannah” fans are also sharing photos, clips, and gifs to mark the occasion.

While Twitter is getting flooded with nostalgia, it remains to be seen if Cyrus will comment. Gossip Cop will update if she does. UPDATE: Cyrus posted the below on Instagram, as well as a lengthy tribute to her time on the show.

LofuckingL HM 4 @itsjeremyscott #beenondatJSswag #HM4EVR

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