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Libras are the diplomatic, fun-loving sign who always seek to spread harmony wherever they go. This sign is also known for its self-indulgent tendencies and love for the material things in life, which might explain why Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous members of this particular club. There are so many other celebrities, however, who exemplify the sign’s characteristics.

Gwen Stefani wearing a light blue, fuzzy bikini top at the MTV Video Music Awards
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Gwen Stefani: Born October 3, 1969

Former No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani is the epitome of a fun-loving Libra. This zodiac is known to be very image-conscious, which is likely why Stefani has had so many infamous looks over the years. Stefani has a bold, yet friendly demeanor that is the perfect match for her fellow air-sign boyfriend, Blake Shelton, who’s a Gemini. Those airy signs are all about having a good time and going on as many adventures as possible.

Michael Douglas wearing a beige suit jacket walks the red carpet with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas Born September 25, 1969/1944

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas not only share a zodiac sign, they share a birthday! According to an interview Zeta-Jones had with Larry King, via E! News, the two famed actors met in 1996 at a film festival. They were introduced by then-couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. Later on that night, Douglas almost blew his chance with the actress after he used a somewhat cheesy pickup line, he revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show years later in 2016.

I said to her after about half an hour, ‘You know, I'm going to be the father of your children.’ It sounded good, and she said, ‘You know, I've heard a lot about you and I've seen a lot about you, and I think it's time I say goodnight.’

He was eventually able to win the actress back after sending her an apology, as well as flowers, to make up for the misstep. In the time since, Douglas and Zeta-Jones married and had two children, a son, Dylan, and a daughter, Carys.

Simon Cowell wearing a black long sleeve top to a press conference for The X Factor
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Simon Cowell: Born October 7, 1959

Though Libras are generally known for their love for keeping the peace, Simon Cowell doesn’t exactly fit that mode. He’s also very opinionated, which is rare in Libras, who are so people-pleasing that their views tend to change depending on who they’re talking to. One thing Cowell does share with his fellow Libras is an ability to control the room. Libras are natural leaders, which is why Cowell is likely so at home as the “take charge” judge on whichever panel he’s on, whether it’s American Idol, The X Factor, or his current show, America’s Got Talent.

Luke Perry wearing a black suit to a Hallmark movie screening
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Luke Perry: Born October 11, 1966

The late actor Luke Perry passed away on March 4, 2019, after he suffered a series of strokes. The former teen idol had risen to prominence after he starred in Beverly Hills, 90210. After the teen drama ended, Perry went on to act in a number of critically acclaimed series like Oz and also tried his hand at voice acting, often portraying himself, as he did on both The Simpsons and Family Guy. He played Archie’s dad in Riverdale and his last film role was in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Will Smith in a dark blue suit at the premiere of Focus
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Will Smith: Born September 25, 1968

Gregarious, charming, and the life of the party: the perfect description for Will Smith and the textbook definition of a Libra. Smith was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, much like his namesake character in Fresh Prince. Though Smith rose to prominence as a rapper in the '80s, it was his acting career that captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the world. It’s no wonder that Smith’s popularity has lasted for decades.

Matt Damon wears a black button down shirt to the Venice Film Festival
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Matt Damon: Born October 8, 1970

Matt Damon is another Libra. The actor is famous for his genial attitude and fun-loving personality. There have even been tabloid rumors which claim that his carefree attitude has gotten him in trouble with co-stars, specifically notoriously serious actor Christian Bale. That “feud” turned out to be nothing at all, which is usually the case. It’s very hard to not get along with Libras, who typically value keeping the peace above all else. Besides, this sign is charming enough to quickly bandage over any offense made.

Kelly Ripa wearing a sparkly black dress to the CNN Hero All-Stars Awards
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Kelly Ripa: Born October 2, 1970

Kelly Ripa’s bright, devil-may-care personality has made her a hit talk show host, and it’s also what makes her an obvious Libra. This zodiac sign is known to be a little reckless, which might be why Ripa has accidentally embarrassed her kids, particularly her daughter Lola Consuelos, so often. Like the rest of her Libra cohorts, Ripa enjoys having a good time and isn’t shy about letting everyone know about it. Her former Live! co-host, the late Regis Philbin, described Ripa as having a “natural, quick-witted, unaffected, confident, fun-loving kind of sparkle.” That's an apt description of both a Libra and Ripa.

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a beige dress to the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War

Gwyneth Paltrow: Born September 27, 1972

Gwyneth Paltrow is certainly a perfect example of a Libra’s need to be surrounded by harmony. Even after she and ex-husband Chris Martin decided to divorce, they did so in the most amicable way possible in a process they referred to as “conscious uncoupling.” The two famous exes get along so well, Martin famously joined his ex-wife and her new husband, Brad Falchuk, on their honeymoon. Now that is some Libra diplomacy in action!

Kelly Preston wearing a black dress at the Venice Film Festival
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Kelly Preston: Born October 13, 1962

Kelly Preston passed away earlier this summer after a quiet battle with cancer. The actress left behind her grieving husband, John Travolta, and two remaining children, Ella Bleu and Benjamin. The actress was at her best in comedies, having starred in several comedic films, including Twins, Holy Man, and Sky High. That tendency makes sense, because Libras enjoy nothing more than bringing joy to the people around them. Preston will be dearly missed by all those who knew her and all those who enjoyed the characters she portrayed.

Brie Larson wearing a nude colored gown to the Captain Marvel premiere

Brie Larson: Born October 1, 1989

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson, birth name Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, was born in Sacramento, California. She got her start playing minor roles on TV before landing a supporting role in Showtime’s United States of Tara as the titular character’s teenage daughter. The role led to somewhat of a breakthrough for the young actress, who went on to star in a series of supporting roles before her critically acclaimed performance in 2015's Room. She then starred in Kong: Skull Island, which was soon followed, of course, by her role as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.

Though some of these celebrities exemplify their zodiac traits a little more than others, it's painfully obvious that all of these celebrities are Libras. It's just not possible to hide that amount of charm, and Libras aren't known for their humility. Some signs are just louder and prouder than others.


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