Zooey Deschanel Blasts Writer Who Called Her “Snobby Cow”


By Daniel Gates


Zooey Deschanel has a website, and she’s not afraid to use it.

After Los Angeles Times columnist Patt Morrison took out-of-context quotes attributed to Deschanel regarding William and Kate‘s L.A. visit to call the actress a “snobby cow,” Deschanel posted a damning response on HelloGiggles, the site she co-founded.

According to Morrison’s weirdly personal attack on Deschanel, the actress had bemoaned that the royal couple were forced to attend a downtown BAFTA event. “I just don’t want them to see the worst of L.A.,” she quotes Deschanel as saying, leading Morrison to blast the actress for her “gob-smacking” remarks.

“What, Ms. Deschanel, you don’t have any homeless people there near your Westside home?” asked Morrison, who claims Deschanel came off sounding like a “snobby cow.”


Um, one tiny problem.

As Gossip Cop reported yesterday, Deschanel (and Jonah Hill) were both misquoted about Saturday’s gala, with Entertainment Weekly even apologizing for the mess-up.

As Deschanel points out in her letter to Morrison, the actress never called Downtown Los Angeles “the worst of L.A.” and is even on the record discussing her love for the area in previous interviews.

“I have pride in my city, that’s the reason why I thought it was kind of funny that they didn’t clean up the immediate surroundings before the Royals came through,” explains Deschanel, providing the context Morrison ignores.

Deschanel also points out that she can’t “go back to your house on the Westside” because that’s not where she lives.

“It’s hard for me to comprehend why you launched such a vile and toxic blow in my direction over a sentence fragment that you did not even hear for yourself,” Deschanel writes to Morrison. “I do hope that in the future when writing about something, especially a human being, you will consider both the facts and the context before publishing your opinion.”

Well put.

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