Zayn Malik Terrorist Joke Leads To Ridiculous #ZaynArrestedByNSA Rumor

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Zayn Malik Arrested

By Daniel Gates

Zayn Malik Arrested

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Zayn Malik has NOT been arrested by the NSA, despite a ridiculous #ZaynArrestedByNSA Twitter trending topic that has taken off as One Direction fans express outrage at “The Daily Show” for a joke about the group and terrorism.

As Gossip Cop reported, a Jon StewartJessica Williams bit on the comedy series led Williams “reporting” about a “new terrorist group” comprised of members from “ISIS, al-Nusra, Al Qaeda, Hamas, One Direction and the Zetas drug cartel.”

One Direction fans cried foul, believing the joke was a reference to Malik.

Malik-related topics have been trending on Twitter throughout Friday, including the #ZaynArrestedByNSA one.

Most fans realized immediately that the rumor was a (bad) joke, but thousands of Directioners flooded Twitter with concerns about Malik.

One phony “news report” making the rounds claims the One Direction singer was “taken in (sic) custody by the NSA for illegal reasons that shall not be announced at this current time.”

It goes on to talk about Malik allegedly hacking into the NSA website for his own “personal game (sic).”

The Zayn Malik arrested by NSA rumor is (of course) 100 percent false.

Gossip Cop would not be surprised if similar hoaxes are spread soon.

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