CLAIM: Zac Efron Is “Hollywood’s Worst Influence”

Truth rating: 2

By Daniel Gates


“Despite his take-him-home-to-Mom image, Zac Efron is developing a rep in Hollywood for being a bad influence,” claims a “source” for Star.

He is? The tabloid reports, “The Disney alum and his close buddy Kellan Lutz throw wild late-night bashes that sometimes go on for 24 hours — and Rumer Willis, Lindsay Lohan and other young and fabulous L.A. ladies line up to attend.”

Oh, and Efron is very “picky” about who gets into these soirees. “Zac gets a background check on anyone who makes the party list,” one “source” tells Star. “He personally approves everyone before they get through.”

Once inside, however, Efron is said to sometimes disappear with multiple women at once. The “insider” explains, “It’s like he’s trying to become the next Hugh Hefner.”

Um, OK. Let’s back up a moment here. Efron is a young and successful Hollywood star — he’s going to throw the occasional party. He may even determine who gets to come into his party. But the notion that he’s “Hollywood’s Worst Influence,” hosting Hefner-esque bacchanals that are earning him a notorious reputation is a huge exaggeration. Just two months ago, Star claimed Efron was “sick” of his “good-guy image” and looking to “cut loose” — so the tab invented a story about him chasing Rihanna. Apparently, when that bogus rumor never panned out, the tab decided to play up his “partying.” A source close to Efron calls the new story “ridiculous.”

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