CLAIM: Zac Efron “Caught Holding Hands With a Guy”

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(National Enquirer)

By Michael Lewittes

(National Enquirer)

Zac Efron stunned onlookers at a recent Hollywood event when he held hands and even flirted right under the nose of ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens – and it was with a GUY!” begins a piece in the National Enquirer.

According to a so-called “eyewitness” for the tabloid, the High School Musical star “got cozy with a buff young man” during an NBA party at the W Hotel in L.A. on February 18. “I was shocked at how relaxed and open Zac was with this guy,” continues the supposed witness, adding that Efron “seemed really into” the young man. Um, yeah.

If the notion of Efron being all over an unidentified man in such a public situation but being seen only by the Enquirer‘s alleged source sounds a bit off, that’s because the (imaginary) “eyewitness” concocted the entire thing. We thought they’d know better by now than to be fooled into this nonsense.

A source close to Efron tells Gossip Cop, “It’s bullsh*t.” Maybe even the Enquirer knew the story wasn’t true – the tab made a point of noting that Efron himself has “laughed off” questions in the past about his sexual preferences. Well duh, that’s because he is not gay period.

And curiously, if there were so many “onlookers” who saw him holding hands with another guy, why in this ago of cellphones did no one get a picture of it. In fact, the only one whose hand Efron is holding in the the tabloid’s story above… is his own.

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