Zac Efron Is Broke And Dating Michelle Rodriguez For Money, Claims Star

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Zac Efron Broke

By Daniel Gates


Zac Efron Broke

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Zac Efron is broke, having “partied through the bulk of his estimated $18 million fortune,” and he’s dating Michelle Rodriguez because the actress is his “sugar mama,” claims Star. According to the tabloid, Rodriguez “picked up most of the tab during their Italian getaway” this month.

“Zac has been pretty broke while waiting for his share of the profits from Neighbors to come through,” a so-called “insider” tells the magazine. “Michelle, on the other hand, hoards her money.” And while Rodriguez “has no qualms about shelling out the cash,” says Star, “her friends are worried that she’s being played.” The mag’s insider notes, “Michelle thinks Zac will pay her back as soon as his paycheck comes in, but everyone is convinced that he’ll drop her before then. He’s just living the luxurious life with her while he can.” Um, interesting theory. Completely absurd, but… interesting.

Star first floated this wrong idea that Efron is broke back in March. Then he started hanging out with Rodriguez — and the tabloid decided to rope her into the fake storyline. That’s what’s happening here, period. Michelle Rodriguez is not a “sugar mama” to Efron, who’s a millionaire (despite what Star believes) and constantly working. A source close to Efron exclusively tells Gossip Cop the story is “ridiculous.”

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