WATCH: #YouTubeRewind 2014 Video!

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YouTube Rewind 2014

By Daniel Gates


YouTube Rewind 2014


#YouTubeRewind 2014 has debuted. A year-end look at the moments, memes and people who made 2014 a year to remember (on YouTube), the clip is a reference-packed celebration of online video culture. Watch it here!

Hey, remember the Ice Bucket Challenge! Or that viral video of people kissing for the first time? Or the cat who plays Jenga? Or that dog who was dressed as a giant spider and terrified the bejesus out of everyone? Or Apollos Hester, the high school football player whose incredible post-game interview inspired millions?

Are you hip to YouTube stars like Bethany Mota and Action Movie Kid and Jenna Marbles and iJustine? What about PewDiePie and Hikakin and Michelle Phan? Are you slightly older and recognize people like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert and John Oliver? Are you a preschooler who knows Big Bird?

Do you like to watch video game commentary, devil babies, and “Let It Go” covers? Has it been too long since your last Pentatonix fix, or your last Epic Rap Battle? THEY’RE ALL HERE! The familiar soundtrack includes snippets of hits like “Turn Down For What” and “Bang Bang” and “Happy,” mixed by DJ Earworm. Check out the #YouTubeRewind “Turn Down for 2014” video, and tell us what you think!

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