Young Girls Find Creepy Lookalike Dolls Left Outside Their California Homes

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Creepy Dolls

By Shari Weiss

Creepy Dolls

(ABC Family)

It sounds like a scene right out of “Pretty Little Liars.”

At least eight young girls in a California community have woken up to find porcelain dolls resembling themselves left on their doorstep.

No one has claimed responsibility, making the dolls’ arrivals a total mystery.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the incidents have occurred in the Talega area of San Clemente at residences that are all home to girls around 10 years old.

While some of the children attend the same school, other targeted families have no known connection whatsoever, leaving police stumped.

“We’re trying to connect the families and the girls,” Lt. Jeff Hallock tells ABC News. “We’re trying to figure out if there is a correlation.”

Hallock shares, “The dolls were being left at these homes, but everybody thought they were the only one. When the families started communicating and put it together, they became concerned.”

But the officer notes there’s isn’t a crime involved — yet.

As “Pretty Little Liars” fans know, the teens on the show have been sent various creepy dolls, including ones that look like each of them, by their mysterious enemy A (see photo above).

What do you think of the eerie situation in Talega?

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