“You Poked My Heart!” — Adorable Kids Argue About Weather In Cutest Video Ever

Truth rating: 10
You Poked My Heart

By Daniel Gates


You Poked My Heart


Two adorable toddlers argue about the weather in a new viral video that’s almost unbearably cute.

In the clip, a girl is seen declaring that it’s “raining” outside, while the boy is certain his mom told him it’s “sprinkling.”

Things escalate until the girl puts her finger in the boy’s chest.

“Ow! You poked my heart!” he exclaims, stunned by his opponent’s aggression.

The boy is then consoled by another little girl, who previously seemed most interested in the contents of her nose.

It’s definitely worth watching.

And we think “You poked my heart!” is a poignant new catch phrase.

Check out the video below!


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