VIDEO: Is This The Worst Bid In The Price Is Right History?

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Price Is Right Hammock

By Daniel Gates


Price Is Right Hammock


Is this the worst bid in the history of “The Price Is Right”?

A young man named Corey was asked to give his best guess on (an admittedly comfy-looking) hammock.

He bid $7,000.

Not only did he bid $7,000 — he did so after his fellow contestants each bid $1,200 or below.

That’s… well, it just didn’t seem like a very wise or logical move.

The woman next to Corey was so taken aback by his bid, even she questioned it.

Corey bravely went through with his bid, ignoring the doubters.

Would his out-of-the-box thinking prove fruitful?

Check out the video below!


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