World’s “Saddest” Cat Needs New Home

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World's Saddest Cat

By Daniel Gates

World's Saddest Cat

(Purrfect Pals)

Tucker, described as “the world’s saddest-looking cat ,” needs a home.

The Purrfect Pals adoption center in Arlington, Washington has drawn viral attention to the plight of Tucker, a year-old female tabby whose “genetic abnormalities” give her face a drooping, sad appearance.

She also has an auto-immune disease and has other ailments, but, according to Tucker’s official bio, she still “enjoys sitting on laps and playing with string toys!”

Because Tucker bruises easily and scabs, she’s often kept dressed in shirts to stop her from doing too much damage to herself (see below).

Purrfect Pals adds, “She also loves to be pet under the chin and behind the ears and is great with children!”

We hope someone gives Tucker a new home — see more information about adoption at


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