Surprise! Woman Gives Birth One Hour After Finding Out She’s Pregnant (VIDEO)

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Baby Surprise

By Daniel Gates


Baby Surprise


A woman in Massachusetts gave birth to a healthy 10-pound baby this week, one hour after learning she was pregnant. Katherine Kropas, who is 23 years old, arrived at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth complaining of intense back pain and cramps. Doctors performed an ultrasound and discovered that she was pregnant and going into labor. See the news report video below.

“I found out that I was having a baby at 10:15. She was born at 11:06 p.m.,” Kropas tells a local news outlet. The little girl, Ellie, is 10 pounds, two ounces, and doing well. The new mom had no clue she was expecting. Kropas believed her weight gain was due to indulging over the holidays, and says she had not experienced morning sickness or other signs of pregnancy. She was taking birth control. Kropas and her longtime boyfriend were stunned to hear she was full-term. “I was like, this has to be a joke,” she says.

It’s not an unheard-of phenomenon. According to a 2002 medical study, approximately one in 2,455 pregnant women do not realize they’re pregnant until labor begins. Check out the video of Kropas’ situation in the news report below.

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