Woman Trying Too Hard To Take Selfie Becomes Viral Sensation – WATCH VIDEO!

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Woman Bikini Selfie Video

By Michael Lewittes


Woman Bikini Selfie Video


A young woman spending an inordinately long time — oblivious to the rest of world — trying to take selfies of herself in a bikini has become the subject of a YouTube video that has gone viral. In the footage, the woman attempts to take pics of herself from every possible angle, including holding her phone high up as well as from behind her butt.

She uses her left hand, she uses her right hand, she even tries to take a selfie from under her behind as she leans backwards, as if she were in a limbo contest. The NSFW for work commentary about the “ridiculousness” of it all — from the woman who took the video — is equally riveting.

It’s unknown where the video was taken, but the lesson to be learned is if you feel compelled to take selfies (though generally there’s little reason to), and if you make a giant production of it, you may end up in a YouTube video.

Check out the hilarious video below, and tell us what you think.

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