Will Smith Gives Justin Bieber Curfew, Restricts TV Time, Controls His Friends?

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By Daniel Gates


Will Smith is on a “mission to save Justin Bieber,” according to the National Enquirer. The tabloid claims Smith has taken an “out-of-control” Biebs “under his wing” after the singer’s mom Pattie Mallette reached out to the actor. “Pattie has been struggling to figure out what’s the best course of action, and she realized that Will could be just what the doctor ordered,” a source tells the Enquirer.

The mag’s insider explains, “Justin and Will’s son Jaden are close friends, and he was with both of them in London in March, when Jaden was the opening act for some of Justin’s shows.” According to the Enquirer, “Will started making Justin adhere to a strict curfew and limited his computer and TV time. Will also makes sure he doesn’t stay out too late and that he steers clear of shady characters and overaggressive groupies.” Mallette wants Smith to have a positive influence on Bieber because she’s supposedly “afraid that her multiplatinum-selling son could be headed to rehab,” says the tabloid, which made the same false claim back in January.

Of course, the Enquirer has said a LOT about Bieber that’s been completely wrong — and this is just more of the same. While it’s true that Bieber and Smith met up while in London earlier this month, and that Bieber respects the way Smith and his family have handled their careers, the notion that Smith was brought in to “save” Bieber is TOTALLY made up. Smith is not controlling Bieber’s bedtime, computer access, or circle of friends. A source close to the situation laughed off the Enquirer report, calling it “ridiculous.”

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