“Louisville Purge” Hoax Inspired By Movie Sparks Fears — But No Violence

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Louisville Purge

By Daniel Gates

Louisville Purge

(Universal Pictures)

Police in Kentucky have reportedly found the teenager responsible for starting the “Louisville Purge” social media trend that threatened to create violence and havoc in the style of The Purge movies.

In The Purge (see production still at right) and its recent sequel, all laws and police protection are suspended for 12 hours, allowing marauders to hunt down and kill anyone they like.

On Friday, panic spread when #LouisvillePurge began to trend worldwide and a widely circulated flier promised violence beginning at 8 p.m.

A wave of related tweets and Facebook posts created additional worries, with thousands of people following the Louisville Police Scanner for reports of random acts of violence.

Local authorities ramped up patrols and one high school canceled a football scrimmage amid fears — but fortunately, there was no actual surge in violence.

Now, local news outlets claim that reporters and police have located an unidentified juvenile behind the prank.

He’s quoted as saying, “I didn’t think it would really get that serious until it actually did. Then I started feeling really bad about it because people’s mamma’s talkin’ bout movin’ to Indiana for the night and stuff. It was wrong for me to do that.”

“I apologize to everybody in Louisville, I love my city it’s where I was born and raised,” added the alleged prankster. “I love my city and don’t really wanna harm my city – I just thought it would be funny.”

Not funny.

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