WATCH: Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL 40 With Will Ferrell And “Justin Bieber” (VIDEO)

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Celebrity Jeopardy SNL 40 Video

By Shari Weiss


Celebrity Jeopardy SNL 40 Video


“Celebrity Jeopardy” was one of the signature sketches featured on “SNL 40” on Sunday, with Will Ferrell returning to the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special as “Alex Trebek.” Watch below!

Among the contestants was “Justin Bieber” (played by Kate McKinnon), who was most concerned with showing swag and wooing girls, and a confused “Sean Connery” (portrayed by Darrell Hammond), who, as in past appearances, horribly mispronounced the categories, including one about reading. Case in point: “Who Reads” became “Whore Ads,” and he turned “Let It Snow” into “Le T*ts Now.”

Bieber suddenly disappeared, though, only to be replaced by “Christoph Waltz,” and “Matthew McConaughey” (Jim Carrey), waxing philosophical, a la all his awards show speeches and those far-out Lincoln ads. Norm MacDonald once again impersonated Burt Reynolds/Turd Ferguson, saying random things had nothing to do with the game. Of course, none of the contestants could answer any of the questions (or, is that provide the questions to the answers?) and things went awry when “Bill Cosby” (Kenan Thompson) appeared shaking a cocktail for the “Daily Double” video, leading a panicked “Trebek” to exclaim, “Oh, no! We filmed that in June!”

The skit combined what “SNL” often does best: returning characters, celebrity impersonations, and star cameos. Check out the full video below!

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