WATCH: Bradley Cooper And Betty White Make Out On The Californians For SNL 40 With Taylor Swift, Kristen Wiig (VIDEO)

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Californians SNL 40 Video

By Shari Weiss


Californians SNL 40 Video


There was a new episode of “The Californians” on “SNL 40,” Sunday’s “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special. Watch below!

Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, and Bill Hader returned for the hilarious soap opera parody, which follows the melodramatic adventures of a group of rich, vain blondes living in California with ridiculously thick Valley accents. The plot once again centered around the trio’s love triangle, with Vanessa Bayer reprising her role as the Latina maid.

This time, though, the skit was jam-packed with celebrity cameos. Bradley Cooper first appeared as the dumb pool boy, followed by Kerry Washington as a doctor. Taylor Swift was an actress starring in an alien movie, and then there was Betty White, who ended up full-on MAKING OUT with Cooper. Like in all past scenes, the bit ended with all the characters staring into a mirror.

“The Californians” first debuted in 2012, with the last episode taking place in 2013. Celebrities who have participated in the past include James Brolin, Christina Applegate, Jeremy Renner, and Mick Jagger. Justin Bieber also appeared on the faux show once, but while he wasn’t directly involved with “SNL 40,” he did (kind of) pop up in an earlier sketch. As Gossip Cop reported, Kate McKinnon impersonated the superstar for “Celebrity Jeopardy.”

Cooper, Washington, Swift and White are just a few of the celebrities making cameos on the historic “SNL” special, with Wiig, Armisen and Hader among the beloved returning cast members. Check back the full video below!

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