Vitalii Sediuk on Kim Kardashian Attack: I Was Just Trying To Hug Her!

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Kim Kardashian Vitalli Sediuk Attack

By Shari Weiss

Kim Kardashian Vitalli Sediuk Attack

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Vitalii Sediuk Kim Kardashian Prank

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Vitalii Sediuk, the notorious Ukrainian prankster, claims he was just trying to hug Kim Kardashian when he seemingly attacked her in Paris.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian had just arrived with Kanye West and Kris Jenner for the Balmain show at Fashion Week, and was about to walk from their car when Sediuk lunged toward her.

He grabbed hold of her legs, nearly tackling her to ground, but security was able to catch Kardashian before she fell, and whisked her away from the chaotic scene.

Sediuk was not arrested, and local authorities reportedly don’t have any plans to investigate the incident.

Sediuk, who targeted Brad Pitt in similar stunt earlier this year now says he went to the event specifically to see Kardashian and West.

“I had a feeling that Kim would show up there because she is friends with the designer of Balmain,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I basically came there just for them. I knew they were going to be the biggest guest of the night.”

Past incidents with Sediuk have included him running onto red carpets and placing his face in the crotch of male celebrities, but he wasn’t sure whether he would go after West or Kardashian until they arrived and he saw who exited the vehicle closest to him.

He says, “If it was Kanye West, I would have done it like I did it with Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio. But with Kim Kardashian, I was very cautious because I know she is a woman — so I kind of hugged her legs.”

“I already had a bad experience with America Ferrara,” acknowledges Sediuk, referencing the awful stunt in May when he put his head under the actress; dress the Cannes Film Festival.

A Los Angeles judge banned Seiduk from Hollywood red carpet events following the incident with Pitt, and it was recently revealed that the is now on a no-fly list for the United States.

Sediuk — who previously said he was giving up his pranks — tells THR that he wanted this latest stunt to “bring attention to my protest” over the U.S. Customs and Border Protection flight ban.

He admits, however, that also he likes the “attention.”

“I like the show business world. But it’s obviously not my [intention] to offend someone,” he says. “It looks like I’m a monster, but I’m a normal guy. Well, what I’m doing isn’t normal — but I don’t have bad intentions.”

That said, Sediuk claims he’s looking for a traditional job, perhaps one in line with the entertainment journalism gigs he’s previously had.

“It doesn’t bring me anything. It doesn’t bring me income,” he says of his pranks, adding, “I’m already banned in America. I could be banned in the European Union next. I hope I will not be.”

What do you think of Sediuk’s comments?

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