Victoria Beckham NOT At Odds With Parents At Kids’ School, Despite Report

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Victoria Beckham PTA

By Daniel Gates


Victoria Beckham PTA

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Victoria Beckham is “too posh for the PTA,” according to a completely false new story in Star. Gossip Cop can debunk the latest report, which alleges that parents and faculty at Beckham’s kids’ school have been put off by the fashion designer’s “snotty attitude.”

“When you say hello to her, she is rude and dismissive — if she even acknowledges you at all,” explains one so-called “source” for the magazine, which once wrongly reported that Beckham was advising Kate Middleton on a fashion design launch and seems to have terrible Beckham sources. The Star insider adds, “One dad, who is from India and had no idea who Victoria even was, attempted to befriend her at a parent-teacher conference and was promptly dismissed by her security.”

Another parent is quoted as telling Star, “It’s like she resents that her kids have to go to a normal school, with normal kids — like they should be at a school for royals or something.” Interestingly, Star never identifies the school, probably because Beckham’s children have attended more than one, and the tabloid realized that using too many specifics would expose just how bogus the story is.

A rep for Beckham calls the report “utter nonsense,” pointing out that Beckham has become friendly with numerous parents at her children’s previous and present schools. But it’s easier and more sensational for Star to just post a story about someone allegedly being nasty, which is why the magazine did what it did.

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