Val Kilmer Lashes Out At Tumor Rumors; Family Says Christian Science Is To Blame

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Val Kilmer Christian Science

By Daniel Gates

Val Kilmer Christian Science

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Val Kilmer’s family says the ailing actor did have emergency surgery on a throat tumor, despite his denial, and that his adherence to Christian Science is endangering his health. According to TMZ, members of Kilmer’s family say the star has been suffering with a worsening ailment for months, refusing to seek treatment because of his religious belief that prayer, not medical attention, is the source of good health.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Kilmer was rushed to the hospital last week after he began bleeding from his throat. After TMZ and other outlets reported that doctors had discovered a tumor and performed surgery, Kilmer took to Facebook to deny the story, claiming he didn’t have a tumor and referring only to a vague “complication” that led to his needing medical treatment.

But Kilmer’s own family now says that’s not true. TMZ reports that the actor’s loved ones have urged him repeatedly to seek medical attention for his throat issues, but that Kilmer’s Christian Science faith led him to refuse hospitalization and ignore his family’s concerns. When things took a turn for the worse last week, and Kilmer began bleeding, he was finally forced to get treatment.

Meanwhile, Kilmer is still insisting none of these stories is true. In a second Facebook post over the weekend, he wrote, “Again, no tumor, no surgery. We are waiting for x ray results and will stay close to my doctors advising, my family and Christian Science practitioner when all the facts are in. Then I’ll do what’s best and be back at it sooner than u can shake a gossip column at an out of work actor.” Then, early Monday, Kilmer went on a longer rant:

USA TODAY is making a claim that my representative is more correct about the facts of my body than I am. That’ll be a first for entertainment history at large. Please direct any concerned friends you may have that want to know how I’m doing to this sight. You all know it’s me talking, and you all know if it’s different “facts” in USA TODAY they are not telling the truth because they are trying to sell a story that sells more magazines. Or whatever they sell nowadays. I’ve been quiet about my health because it’s my business. Even my weight has ended up demanding me to “respond” because my weight loss was presented in a negative way.

So many important and crucial issues at hand, racism more out in the open trying to get buried again, religious ignorance and bigotry trying to wrap itself up in legitimate concerns of national and international safety, gun control represented again and again as something other than a fear based question. We all know our rights. We all know what’s been written as our rights. And we all have to answer new questions and apply our genius government to a new world. We know lots of things. We know too many millions yes millions of young men are in prison who could be helping and being helped by rebuilding our broken nation. We know however it happened and whoever made it happen, the failed drug war has put too many men of color act in chains and it must and will stop. We all know the questions and Some of the answers are very very simple and some are very very complicated.

But one of the questions that isn’t importantly sure even to the faithful readers of USA TODAY, is whether my representative is more right about describing the up to the minute about my body. Let’s cross that off the list shall we. If you want to know something about me, write me here. I’ll hire someone and we will do live chats and interviews and written Q and A’s until you’re sick of me as USA TODAY would have you believe I am. I’ll start with the Facebook communication company tomorrow. I have a few friends into this selling of themselves on a professional level to turn to. I’m sure I can pick a cool one. And my “rep” USA TODAY mentions too is cool also. Maybe she can help get me into the 21st century communicating honestly and consistently with people who enjoy my work and deserve better than the no fact checking blogging that gets sold as legitimate news today to our grand lazy public. I don’t mean you. You haven’t a clue what was in the USA TODAY article. You were reading Wallace Stevens weren’t you.

So that’s where we stand. Kilmer’s family reportedly says he’s not being truthful about his medical condition, and that Christian Science is to blame. Kilmer insists that he’s in better health than everyone believes, and that his crisis has been twisted by the media. Gossip Cop will have updates.

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