V. Stiviano Ordered To Return $2.6 Million To Donald Sterling’s Estranged Wife Shelly

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V Stiviano Shelly Sterling

By Minyvonne Burke |

V Stiviano Shelly Sterling

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V. Stiviano, the former “friend” of Donald Sterling, was ordered by a Los Angeles judge to return more than $2 million to Shelly Sterling. The ruling came on Tuesday, nearly a month after the Sterlings and Stiviano battled in court over the expensive gifts the model had obtained over the course of her relationship with Donald.

The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled Stiviano must return a $1.8 million duplex, originally gifted by Sterling, to Shelly, as well as $800,000 he had given her in the form of exotic cars, lavish vacations, and cash handouts. During the trial, Shelly alleged that Stiviano seduced Sterling and manipulated him into giving her the expensive gifts. Shelly also claimed that she has rights to half of everything given to Stiviano because she’s still married to Sterling, and the money used to buy Stiviano’s gifts came from the couple’s joint empire.

Shelly’s attorney, Pierce O’Donnell, said after the ruling that his client was “thrilled about the decision.” Stiviano’s attorney, Mac Nehoray, said he plans to appeal the judge’s decision. As Gossip Cop previously reported, Donald was ousted as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers after Stiviano reportedly leaked audio of him making racially offensive remarks about black people. Donald also received a lifetime ban from the NBA and was fined $2.5 million.


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