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Us Weakly on accuracy with its Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel split cover

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By Daniel Gates




Us Weekly’s cover of “It’s Over!” should really read “It’s Wrong!”

The same day that the magazine went to press with its Justin Timberlake “dumps” girlfriend Jessica Biel cover, the still-together couple was spotted vacationing in Northern California. Gossip Cop has confirmed that they are in Napa. To paraphrase an actual Timberlake ex – oops, the tabloid did it again.

Us Weekly writes in its mistaken cover story, “After nearly three years of breakups, makeups and [Biel’s] tears over his nights out, a mutual pal of the pair reveals that Timberlake has told friends ‘it’s over,’ and that he ended it for good with the actress – over the phone.”

(But then whisked her away to Napa? Uh, okay.)

The Us article further reports that Timberlake had simply moved on. “He was done, and he told her it was over,” says a so-called source.

Is that the scent of egg on one’s face we’re smelling?

Of course, the magazine tries to cover itself from not fully checking its facts by having another alleged “Timberlake insider” saying, “It’s just always on and off, so it is impossible to say if this is for good.”  Then why write, “It’s over!” on the cover?

Maybe the mag and its “insiders” need to get “‘N Sync.”


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