Tyrese Takes Young Daughter To Black Out Hollywood Protest And Die-In (VIDEO)

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Tyrese Daughter Protest Video

By Shari Weiss


Tyrese Daughter Protest Video


Tyrese participated in the Black Out Hollywood protest on Saturday, joining hundreds marching across Los Angeles in the wake of police brutality and the non-indictments of the cops who killed both Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Dressed in all black, Tyrese carried his young daughter through the crowd, and got on a microphone to speak out.

“It is hard for us to have faith in the system when there are so many secrets they keep from us,” said the Furious 7 star, who declared, “All lives matter,” and expressed a need to “protect” the “future,” “which is our children.” Tyrese also questioned a lack of transparency in the grand jury proceedings of officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, arguing they should have been filmed so people could see “all the evidence that allowed them to get away scot-free.”

Tyrese and daughter Shayla also took part in a “die-in,” a demonstration similar to a sit-in, in which protesters lay on the ground in memory of all those who have been murdered. “The Young and the Restless” star Victoria Rowell shared the photograph of Tyrese and Shayla above. And Tyrese wasn’t the only parent to bring kids along, nor were he and Rowell the only celebrities to take part. Actor Brandon T. Jackson and singer Kevin McCall were also at the event, along with Sean Combs’ stepson Quincy.

Afterward, Tyrese took to Instagram to write, “Today we made a statement – in this life it’s not about ONLY taking a stand for the things that effect you directly – it’s about taking a stand on behalf of ‘Humanity’…. I can’t rest until things are different – today we marched a multi ethnic March on behalf of peace and integrity – if you don’t stand for something you will for for anything – safety in our communities and the belief in the ‘system’ needs to be restored – the power in numbers was displayed today.”

He continued “As comfortable as one would assume I am – I am very uncomfortable cause I have a daughter and we ALL deserve to feel safe……. We don’t call 911 to BE murdered we call them to protect us from being murdered- this need to change.” He also tweeted, “Being a rich and famous celebrity Rapper, singer, actor means NOTHING if all you do is tweet and don’t get your shoes dirty in these streetz.” Check out the photo and clips below, and tell us what you think.

Tyrese Daughter Die-In Protest Photo


A video posted by Oral Jr (@oforrestjr) on

A video posted by Oral Jr (@oforrestjr) on

A video posted by Oral Jr (@oforrestjr) on

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