Twit Happens

  • Kim Kardashian West

    Kim Kardashian West

    40 Million on Twitter!!!!!! Wow thank you soooooo much for all the love!!!!

  • Nicole Polizzi

    Nicole Polizzi

    How come strangers think they really know everything about me? 🙄

  • David Spade

    David Spade

    Message to Superbowl advertisers. I don't need to see a 20 second preview of your 30 second commercial on Sunday. It's not a movie

  • Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres

    I have loved Earth, Wind & Fire my entire life, and my heart goes out to Maurice White and his family today.

  • #EvanRachelWould


    "Have I told you lately that I love you?" "Yes. And it scared the shit out of me." #howlifereallyworksrodstewart

  • Austin Mahone

    Austin Mahone

    Anybody else at Disney World too?? 🚀

  • Kevin Hart

    Kevin Hart

    I meant to write "accept" instead of "except" in one of my previous tweets/threats 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Seacrest

    Ryan Seacrest

    astrology is like a foreign language to me. If you talk to me about Taurus I think 4-door car

  • Emmy Rossum

    Emmy Rossum

    Valentines conundrum when your fellow is really hard to shop for & all he wants is fiber optic internet in the walls of the new apartment...

  • Kendra Wilkinson

    Kendra Wilkinson

    Alijah is at the stage where everything is a game and it takes a frikkin hour to change her diaper. I don't blame her. I'm still same way 😂

  • bob saget

    bob saget

    In Los Angeles you can never really be sure who your friends are. So I've gone ahead and scheduled 4000 lunches this year.

  • olivia wilde

    olivia wilde

    Gotta say I'm pretty disappointed in my phone for not auto-capitalizing "lebowski". 😒

  • Sarah Silverman

    Sarah Silverman

    Why are we waiting for nominations? I wanna see Bernie & Hilary & Trump &Cruz & Rubio debate! Enough of this party line stuff y'all



    I'm having a really good day for absolutely no reason.

  • Bethenny Frankel

    Bethenny Frankel

    I mean i don't have a lotta sex but i gotta believe that the @DunkinDonuts fudge croissant donut is better than any I do have

  • Sam Claflin

    Sam Claflin

    Zoolander2 is premiering tonight in London. If only I could be making #myarrival giving my best blue steel! Cannot wait to see it.

  • Carson Daly

    Carson Daly

    @MileyCyrus if u need vodka,my trailer. Whiskey @blakeshelton, Dope tracks @Pharrell, hot shoes @xtina & tiny tshirts @adamlevine. Welcome!

  • Khloé


    Kocktails with Khloé is getting better &better. Thank you guys for supporting me and thank you for some of the great constructive criticism.

  • dax shepard

    dax shepard

    As a math lover, I'm pretty fired up that today's date is 2 to the 3rd power. 2-4-16.

  • Brittany Snow

    Brittany Snow

    sarcasm is SO easy on twitter

  • Beth Behrs

    Beth Behrs

    Nothing like coming home to an overflowing toilet. Oh and watch #2BrokeGirls tonight at 8pm we join a cult !

  • Kim Kardashian West

    Kim Kardashian West

    That pic Tyler The Creator took is seriously one of my faves of Kanye. He looks so happy!

  • christine teigen

    christine teigen

    What happened to seeing the Super Bowl commercials during the Super Bowl

  • Marlee Matlin

    Marlee Matlin

    Haha. And I thought trending topic #NationalSigningDay was about me doing the National Anthem in sign language with @ladygaga. JK!

  • josh groban

    josh groban

    Do you ever wake up wondering if you died in your sleep and everywhere you went thereafter you were actually haunting but didn't know it? 👻😴

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