True Tori Reunion: Spelling Says Dean McDermott Cheating Was NOT Faked

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By Shari Weiss


Lifetime aired its “True Tori – The Reunion: All Questions Answered” special on Tuesday, with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott insisting their cheating scandal was NOT faked.

Interviewer Brooke Anderson grilled the couple on both the docu-series and the state of their relationship, with a solo Spelling beginning by saying things are “good.”

The actress explained she decided to do the reality show after she saw the story of McDermott’s affair wasn’t dying down in the media.

“I wasn’t going to let people talk about my relationship and what decision I should make,” said Spelling, who dismissed the suggestion that she should’ve left the marriage immediately.

The star reasoned, “There’s a family, and there’s a love. We have four kids together. ”

That said, Spelling stressed, “I can’t sit here and say [I stayed] just because of the kids, because it’s not that. I’m also in love with him.”

Anderson asked about Spelling’s complaints about the paparazzi when she invited the cameras into her life.

The star said the aggressive celebrity photographers “cross boundaries.”

Spelling went on to defend including her four children in such an emotional, real-life TV show.

“I want them to watch this show when they’re adults. I want to be honest with them, and show them this and talk about this, and say we made it through,” she said, adding, “I hope to be able to tell them about a happy ending.”

Spelling noted, “I’m proud of the woman I’ve become, and I want them to see that.”

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During McDermott’s solo interview, he called the experience “humbling” and “horrific,” but said he signed on to the project because he “brought this on myself.”

“I wanted to own up to it and make things right. I wanted people to see that it’s not the end of the road,” he explained.

McDermott, however, admitted he hasn’t watched all the episodes, saying he needs “distance,” because it’s still “raw” and a “trigger.”

Of his cheating, he said bluntly, “I wasn’t thinking,” before later elaborating that all the reasons he gave — not enough sex with Spelling, 47 years of “bad patterns,” and addictions — led to his infidelity.

Anderson said that some viewers thought McDermott’s “reactions were fake,” and that he pretended to have meltdowns at times to “control” Spelling and the situation.

“They’re wrong. I wouldn’t be anything but truthful,” he insisted.

Asked whether Spelling can trust him again, McDermott replied, “I know today I’m sober. I’m in love with my wife. We’re together. I love my children. And I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize that.”

The “Chopped Canada” host said he now keeps himself — and his ego — in check by recognizing when he’s in a “bad place.”

If the situation were reversed, and Spelling had cheated on him, McDermott said he would be “absolutely devastated.”

“She’s the love of my life. It would rip my heart out,” he explained, but said that he would be able to forgive her.

He told Anderson, “People aren’t going to believe it, but yes. People are going to think they’re saying that because she stayed with him.”

The host also interviewed Spelling’s close friends, who were frequently seen on the program, including Mehran, Jess and her husband Wolf.

The trio admitted to skepticism of the TV star’s desire to let the drama unfold on TV, but agreed that Spelling has emerged stronger — while remaining unsure whether the couple’s marriage will fully rebound.

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Anderson kicked off McDermott and Spelling’s joint interview by replaying their most explosive fight, in which the actress completely broke down in hysterics.

“When do you have a moment in life with that when you’re so hysterical and you then get to reverse it and watch it?” noted a disturbed Spelling.

She went on to call the breakdown “years in the making,” and McDermott said “to see her that hurt, that angry, that expressive — it’s really hard to watch.”

In response to claims that the affair was faked, cheating partner Emily Goodhand isn’t real, and that it was “all a ploy for a successful reality series,” Spelling said, “I wish she didn’t exist. I wish it hadn’t happened.”

“I don’t know who would fake something to have this to happen to your life. My family was, and still is, in complete devastation over this,” she continued. “I wouldn’t wish this on anything.”

Anderson pointed out that Goodhand hasn’t turned up online anywhere, but McDermott gave a simple explanation.

“People get their histories scrubbed all the time. There’s things you can do to erase your profiles online and stuff like that,” he said before adding, “I understand why people would think that, but she exists.”

And the pair’s therapist said later, “I clearly remember the day [Dean] came to my office and said he had an imminent plan to end his life… This is deeply real. I was there from the very beginning.”

McDermott went on to surprise Spelling with a new tattoo — her wedding vows on the side of his ribcage, to match the tattoo she got of his vows years ago.

He explained that he chose to do the new artwork “as a gesture [of] a new beginning,” adding, “I will never break these vows ever again.”

Spelling said that relationships are always evolving, and they’ve been forced to have a fresh start.

“I can’t compare it [to the past] anymore. Because that relationship in some form is dead,” she said.

The actress went on to say that the reality show “forced” her to “face things head on,” and said they might’ve “imploded” had the series not pushed her to open up.

McDermott wondered, “Who knows where our relationship would be? Who knows where I would be? Who knows if I would even be alive?”

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Spelling was still unsure about trusting her husband again, saying, “I know I won’t be able to forget what he did. But I hope in some form I’ll be able to forgive him and move on.”

With McDermott in Canada for work, Spelling actually has surveillance cameras tracking him, calling it a “difficult situation.”

And although much of the discussion through the series relating to the couple’s sex life, the “90210” star refused to answer whether they’ve been “intimate” since the show concluded.

“We’ve definitely had intimate connections, and it’s been great,” she said after some hesitation.

Despite teasing throughout the episode that Spelling would finally ask McDermott about other women, the actress ultimately changed her mind, claiming she would feel like she was “ambushing him.”

“I’m going to do it on my own time… I just feel like right now is not the right time to do it,” she insisted to Anderson.

A viewer-submitted question asked whether Spelling feels badly about her own affair with McDermott — they started their relationship while they were both married to other people — and how she feels about breaking up his family.

“Of course. I don’t see it as I broke up his marriage. That was his decision,” said Spelling. “I knew he was married, I was thinking this was wrong. But we fell in love. There was that connection. It was instant.”

She went on, “But I always said at the time if that ever happened to me, I wouldn’t blame the woman, I would blame my husband. And still to this day, I don’t blame Emily. I blame Dean.”

McDermott denied being a serial cheater, and insisted he would never screw up “ever, ever again.”

“I made a huge mistake. The biggest mistake of my life… It’s not who I am. I’m a good person who made a really bad choice,” he said.

The couple was asked whether they can be as happy as they once were.

“No, happier,” responded McDermott.

The special ended with the actor singing a ballad he wrote for Spelling, and the couple declaring their love for each other.

“I love you. And I’m sorry forever,” he told her.

Next week, another special entitled “Confessions” will showcase never-before-seen footage.

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