Tori Spelling Breaks Down Over Caring For Kids, Tells Dean McDermott She “Feels Pregnant” — WATCH NEW VIDEOS!

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True Tori Season 2 Preview Videos

By Shari Weiss


True Tori Season 2 Preview Videos


Tori Spelling breaks down over providing for her four kids in a new preview from “True Tori.” As Gossip Cop has reported, the second season of the Lifetime docuseries premieres on Tuesday.


In the clip, the TV star, “overwhelmed with life,” cries over the “responsibility of having to take care of so many people financially.” Spelling says she lives paycheck to paycheck, and, after “Mystery Girls,” has “no idea if work’s gonna come in.”

“How am I going to support my family in six months?” she says, and then only sobs harder when husband Dean McDermott suggests changing their lifestyle. She cries out, “My dad [TV mogul Aaron Spelling] wouldn’t have wanted this.”

Ironically, another new teaser indicates that the couple may actually be adding to their family yet again. In the scene, Spelling tells McDermott, “This is gonna sound crazy… I feel like… I feel like I’m pregnant.” His response? “Is that a joke, or for reals?” he asks. And no answer is given — at least in the short preview clip.

As Gossip Cop covered each week, the first season of the reality show focused on Spelling dealing with McDermott’s infidelity, which came to light after Emily Goodhand, the woman he had a two-day fling with last year, went public. The episodes charted Spelling and McDermott’s struggles through therapy.

The second season is set to continue that journey, with Spelling trying to figure out if they can really move on, and if they should… together or apart.

An additional preview just released shows Spelling saying she doesn’t blame Emily, perhaps because, she, too was the other woman cheating with a married man at one point. She goes on to recall her first encounter with McDermott, and how they had sex the first time they met.

And as Gossip Cop previously reported, an earlier teaser showed Spelling meeting with McDermott’s first wife, Mary Jo Eustace, whom he cheated on with the actress during that aforementioned encounter.

Check out the new videos, and tell us what you think.

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