Tracy Morgan: Alec Baldwin “Should Apologize” IF He Used Racial Slur (AUDIO)


By Michael Lewittes



Tracy Morgan weighed in on Alec Baldwins confrontation with a New York Post photographer on the Charlotte, North Carolina radio show “Drex & Maney Mornings,” telling the hosts his “30 Rock” co-star “should apologize,” if he did indeed call the paparazzo a racial slur (audio below). On Tuesday, Morgan said, “If he called somebody a coon, he should apologize.”

Asked if Baldwin had ever called him a derogatory name, Morgan replied, “No. He never got with me like that,” but noted, “If anyone calls anybody a derogatory statement like coon… this is 2013. ‘Coon’ is played out.” “There’s no excuse for that in your 50s,” Morgan stated.

The actor said that he and Baldwin were “totally friendly” on “30 Rock,” but added, “That goes for anybody. If another black person calls somebody a coon, he should apologize… IF he did it.”

Back in 2011, Morgan formally apologized for anti-gay jokes he made during a stand-up show in Nashville. Baldwin vehemently denies calling the photographer a racial slur, and there is no proof on tape that he ever used such a term.


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