CLAIM: Tori Spelling’s Emergency Surgery Was Really “Secret Tummy Tuck”

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By Michael Lewittes


Tori Spelling was hospitalized last week for an emergency surgery due to complications from her C-section, but Star claims “the real reason she went under the knife wasn’t an emergency — it was vanity.” The mag says Spelling went to the hospital to have a “secret tummy tuck.” Huh?

According to a supposed “pal” of the “90210” alum, Spelling had all along “planned to go back to the hospital after the baby [was born] and get the tummy tuck.” The so-called “friend” adds, “Tori even hinted that she wanted to hide the surgery.” Star goes on to allege that Spelling, who gave birth to son Finn on August 30, “was so determined to get back to her pre-baby weight that she first began starving herself, and lost patience and scheduled surgery for more immediate results.” The purported insider notes, “She’s always felt depressed when she gains weight, and she’s had trouble losing weight after her fourth child.”

OK — so Spelling, who had back-to-back pregnancies over the past two years, has been “depressed” this whole time? If she’s so against putting on weight, why does she keep getting pregnant? And if she really wanted to hide her supposed tummy tuck, why not go to a plastic surgeon’s office somewhere out of town, rather than a local L.A. hospital? As you can see, the tab’s claims just do not add up. Regardless, a rep for Spelling tells Gossip Cop that Star’s story is “not true” and “completely fabricated.”

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