CLAIM: Tori Spelling “Worst” Mother, “Mocks” Children For Crying

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By Michael Lewittes


Tori Spelling is one of Hollywood’s “worst” moms, reports Star, which claims the actress “mocks” her children for crying. Seriously?! According to the tab, “The moody mom of four can go from happily playing with her kids to storming off to be alone in her room, leaving them to watch up to eight hours of TV per day.”

But “most troubling,” says the mag, is “how Tori plays favorites, throwing six-figure birthday parties for eldest son Liam while mocking her other three kids when they cry for lack of attention.” The tabloid concludes its nasty story by giving Spelling a grade of “D -” for her parenting, urging the actress to “focus attention on the well-being of all her kids.” Wow.

We can’t decide what’s more absurd – the fact that Star is giving out report cards to celebrity moms or that the same publication that Spelling publicly blasted for “emotionally scarring” her kids with a FALSE divorce story about her and Dean McDermott is criticizing her parenting. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a Spelling insider, who called the report “ridiculous,” saying, “Anyone that knows her or sees anything about her knows that [claim] is insane.” “She lives for those kids!” our source tells us. Star gets an “F” for this bogus tale.

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