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Tab S-tori claiming Spelling marriage in “crisis” is wrong

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By Michael Lewittes



“Tori In Crisis!” screams the headline of a piece in Star magazine, which claims that, even though Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Oxygen show, “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” and their other projects are successes, their marriage is crumbling.

According to a so-called “source,” McDermott “has seemed pretty checked out for the past year,” and Spelling “feels so abandoned.”

Another unnamed “insider” adds that they’re “skidding off the track and headed for a terrible crash.”

After borrowing considerably from Spelling’s book “Uncharted TerriTORI,” in which the actress acknowledges some past marital issues, the article concludes with an “insider” saying, “If they don’t get some serious help fast, it could be the end.”

Actually, let’s end this nonsense.

First, as you may recall, the couple renewed their vows just six weeks ago.

Also, a lot of the quotations pulled from Spelling’s book are taken completely out of context.

Gossip Cop looked into these assertions, and no one could confirm the union is in any imminent jeopardy.

Additionally, a rep for Spelling tells Gossip Cop the Star story is “ridiculous,” stressing Spelling and McDermott don’t lead separate lives, and “her marriage is not in crisis.”

Doesn’t it seem like every three months the tabs make these claims, and every three months the couple is still together?

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