MAG: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Headed For “$300 Million Divorce!”

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By Michael Lewittes


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are headed for a “$300 million divorce!” blares the cover of Star, which claims the “90210” alum has caught her husband “with other women.” According to a so-called “insider” for the tabloid, “Tori believes Dean has been seeing two different women for years. She’s so suspicious, she monitors his email and put a tracker on his phone.”

The supposed “source” says, “She’s even had a private investigator follow him” who’s allegedly discovered that McDermott has “some suspicious relationships with other women.” Um… how would Star even know this? Has the mag hired a P.I. to follow Spelling’s P.I.?

Anyhow, the tabloid claims that Spelling “confronted Dean about his indiscretions,” quoting the purported insider as saying, “She tried to demand answers, but he denied everything.” The spy further alleges that McDermott tells his wife “she looks fat,” quoting McDermott’s “former best friend,” Michael Olifiers, as saying, “Dean always jokes that Tori has a horse face. He doesn’t find her attractive!” How does a former pal know what McDermott always does?

Still, despite supposedly not being attracted to his wife, McDermott constantly badgers her for sex, claims the mag. “They argue about sex all the time — he can’t get enough!” notes the “source,” who adds that Spelling “even tries to justify his cheating with the sex-addict line.” Whoa, this “insider” is very familiar with the couple sex life as well as the inner-workings of Spelling’s mind.

Regardless, another so-called “source” for the mag says, “Dean is moving out for good,” claiming, “He’s been studying Tori’s and [her mom] Candy [Spelling’s] finances for months and says he will use the kids as leverage to get big money.” What makes the mag think McDermott would have any right to Spelling’s mother’s fortune? That makes no sense.

Also, Star previously reported that the couple had separated at least four different times since 2010, and yet the pair continues to stay together and expand their family. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Spelling, who tells us it is completely “not true” that she and McDermott are having marriage problems. And a family insider assures us that this supposed pal of McDermott, Michael Olifiers, is “definitely not a friend.”

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