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Shameful Paparazzi Treatment of Tori Spelling’s Daughter

By Daniel Gates


It’s tough to stand out as especially tasteless in a paparazzi culture that insults women over their weight, causes accidents, triggers fights, places photo bounties on stars’ heads, and otherwise compromises the private lives of public figures.

In the past we’ve seen photographers show little regard for decency by selling upskirt photos of teenagers. We’ve ever seen some classless sites fake an underage upskirt for the sake of traffic.

But for all of the admiring shots of Suri Cruise‘s latest designer outfits, we assumed that toddlers were still afforded some privacy in the eyes of the paparazzi hordes.

For instance, it seemed reasonable that a photographer would not shoot between the open legs of a two-year-old girl; and that if he did accidentally snap such a picture, he surely would not sell to an online outlet.

We were wrong.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took their children to a farmer’s market in California over the weekend. Their daughter, Stella, sat down on the sidewalk to eat.

A photographer took an upskirt photo of the toddler.

Today it wound up online.

We’re not going to direct any traffic to the site that decided to publish it. A censored version is here.

It’s now gotten to the point where outlets can’t be trusted to know — intuitively — not to run such an invasive photograph of a two-year-old girl. Worse still are the outlets that do know… but just don’t care.

It’s shameful, period.

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