Tori Spelling Confronting Emily Goodhand, Other Alleged Dean McDermott Mistresses On New Reality Show Tori’s Journey?

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By Shari Weiss

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Tori Spelling is aiming to confront Emily Goodhand and other alleged Dean McDermott mistresses on a new reality show, claims In Touch. As Gossip Cop has reported, Goodhand had a two-day fling with McDermott last December, and on the docu-series “True Tori,” Spelling declined to ask her husband about other possible affairs. Now a “source” tells In Touch that Spelling “wants to do a show called ‘Tori’s Journey’ where she’ll try to find Emily Goodhand and the rest of the women Dean may have cheated on her with.”

Spelling allegedly plans on “getting a list of names” from McDermott, and “once she has that, she’ll go on her journey to find them.” The In Touch snitch claims the actress’ supposed idea stems from her worry that “she’s not getting enough sympathy from her fans.” “She’s desperately trying to show people she has suffered from Dean’s betrayal,” says the supposed “source,” adding, “She wants to be seen as this heroic woman who stood by her husband despite his cheating.”

But once again, In Touch is out of touch, not to mention late. Sister publication Life & Style tried peddling the idea of a Spelling-Goodhand “TV showdown” a month and a half ago, and Gossip Cop promptly busted it, accurately reporting that no such plan was in the works. Nothing has changed. A source close to Spelling emphatically tells Gossip Cop that the In Touch story is “not true.”

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