CLAIM: Tom Cruise Verbally Abused, Humiliated Katie Holmes

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(National Enquirer)

By Michael Lewittes

(National Enquirer)

“Inside Tom’s HOUSE OF HORRORS!” blares the cover of the National Enquirer in yet another sensationalized report about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce.

In a “blockbuster world exclusive,” the supermarket tabloid claims that being married to Cruise was a “living nightmare” for Holmes. How so?

According to unnamed “sources” for the mag, Cruise and his Scientologist employees subjected Holmes to “relentless verbal abuse, emotional punishment, humiliation and intimidation.” One of these alleged insiders claims, “If Katie didn’t set up their hotel room or dress Suri the way he wanted, Tom would say she wasn’t letting just him down, but everyone in his entourage.” And a so-called “Hollywood producer” claims Cruise “criticized Katie for wanting another baby.”

“He’d say, ‘You liked having all of your mom’s attention as the baby of the family. Don’t rock the boat for Suri,” says the purported insider. Another supposed “eyewitness” alleges that the Mission: Impossible star “was even cruel enough to humiliate Katie in front of her parents at a dinner party last year.” The source notes, “Tom had a stern, angry look on his face all night, and barked orders at Katie constantly,” adding, “When it was time for dinner, Tom pointed to a chair and told Katie, ‘Sit there!'” The Enquirer concludes that based on these alleged incidents, experts “believe that Katie was almost treated like a battered wife.” OK…

We just have one question. How is it that these Enquirer “sources” found themselves at private family events and in intimate conversations between Holmes and Cruise? Exactly. Regardless, even a friend of Holmes tells Gossip Cop the mag’s story is entirely “not true,” reiterating that Suri’s upbringing and education were the real reasons for the split. And Cruise’s rep calls the National Enquirer cover story “made up garbage.”

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