TAB: Tom Cruise In “Midlife Crisis,” Now A “Recluse” Obsessed With His Appearance

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By Shari Weiss

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Tom Cruise Midlife Crisis?” asks Star, which claims the actor sported a “shockingly different appearance” when he was honored at the Empire Awards last month.

“Tom’s face looked like a puffy pillow,” a so-called “onlooker” tells the magazine. “Everyone there couldn’t stop talking about how different he looked.”

“Indeed,” says Star, “even though Tom was accepting an award for his more than three decades as a big-screen superstar, he looked more like an overgrown little boy than the chiseled movie idol who’d starred in Top Gun almost 28 years ago.” Wow, a guest at the event who knew to the year when Top Gun came out. Uh… fake quote.

The tabloid claims “many believed the puffiness was the result of a plastic surgery treatment gone terribly wrong,” and then quotes a surgeon who has never treated Cruise as saying the star might have had injections. Star further speculates the alleged treatments are a “sign of Tom’s growing obsession with looking young — which seems to have reached new heights lately.”

“He’s gotten terribly insecure when it comes to aging,” a supposed “insider” tells the mag. “If he were happily married, he might not care about his appearance as much… The fact of the matter is, he’s attracted to younger women, so he wants to look young.”

The wannabe psychiatrists at the tab go on to claim, “Tom’s troubles run deeper than vanity,” and insist he’s in the throes of “midlife crisis,” because he’s supposedly “worried about everything from the bad press Scientology has been getting to his decreasing box office clout.”

“As a result,” says Star, “he’s been shying away from the public eye,” and its “insider” claims “people close to him have barely heard a word from him.” “No one understands why Tom has become such a recluse,” adds the tab’s bogus source. Enough!

Magazines have been wrongly claiming Cruise is in a “midlife crisis” for years now — and it’s still not true. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actor, who called the Star story “idiotic” and untrue.

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