CLAIM: Tom Cruise Doing “Love Detox” To Get Over Katie Holmes

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By Michael Lewittes


Tom Cruise is doing a “love detox” to get over Katie Holmes, reports OK! What is a “love detox,” you ask? The mag says the Mission: Impossible star has “developed a five-point plan to detox from his wrenching divorce,” which includes steps such as going to the sauna, keeping a journal and taking “vitamin and mineral supplements.”

And how exactly does that rid one of love? According to a so-called “friend” of the actor, “One of Tom’s means to heal from the breakup is the Dianetics practice of recalling painful memories of Katie in full detail to a trained elder in the church [of Scientology].” The pal says, “Tom is doing this a few times a week.”

Cruise is also supposedly “doing a daily ritual detox called a Purification Rundown or Purif,” which rids the body of “emotional toxins,” claims the tab. The purported insider explains, “The Purif starts off with a few minutes of exercising per day, followed by multiple hours in the sauna.” Interesting.

The alleged friend, who apparently knows ever minute detail of Cruise’s daily routine, goes on to add that the movie star is also changing his diet and “drinking lecithin mixed with four vegetable juices.” And the last two steps of Cruise’s supposed detox plan are “keeping a journal” and “rededicating himself to his old children” Connor and Isabella.

“Rededicating” himself? Was there a time when Cruise was ever not dedicated to his teenage kids? No. The idea that Cruise is employing a rigorous five-step program to move on from Holmes is just silly. Cruise, who will heal over time, has been focusing on his work and three children in the wake of his divorce from Holmes — and is too busy with both to even logistically do the steps this supposed program demands. A rep for Cruise tells Gossip Cop that the mag’s bizarre “love detox” tale is completely “false.”

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