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MAG: Tom Cruise Wears Special Helmet to Prevent Hair Loss

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(In Touch)

Tom Cruise is pulling out all the stops to “keep his hair,” reports In Touch, which goes on to claim that the Mission Impossible star has started wearing a “Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator.”

A what?

Yes, according to a so-called “friend” of Cruise, he’s “worried about losing his hair,” so he’s taken a preemptive measure in the form of the $699 wacky-looking gadget (pictured right.)

The supposed pal says Cruise, who’s turning 50 this year, recently purchased the “helmet-like device that uses laser therapy to stimulate hair growth,” and “wears it for 25 minutes a day.”

Wow, we’ve never heard of anything quite like that before…

And neither has Cruise!

A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop the tab’s story is “ludicrous.”

In Touch, on the other hand, might want to look into getting some sort of fact-checking device.

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