HollywoodLife Gets Tom Cruise-Lindsay Lohan Story Wrong, Then Steals Gossip Cop Exclusive

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Tom Cruise Lindsay Lohan Dating

By Daniel Gates

Tom Cruise Lindsay Lohan Dating


On Wednesday, Gossip Cop exclusively busted an absurd OK! cover story that falsely claims Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan are dating. We were able to correct the story because we know how to report and care about getting things right. Meanwhile, HollywoodLife, a lazy webloid written by sensationalistic cut-and-paste artists, quickly posted the OK! version of events without checking. The blog couldn’t wait to get traffic off a bogus Cruise-Lohan rumor, truth be damned.

HollywoodLife does this roughly 85 times a day. It very quickly becomes tiresome pointing out all of the ways HollywoodLife misleads or lies to its unfortunate readers. HollywoodLife spends every week spraying the walls of the Internet with as much garbage as possible, and Gossip Cop can only clean up a fraction of its sewage. Reading too much HollywoodLife makes our eyes bleed.

But what the site did with the Cruise-Lohan story on Wednesday is especially galling. After HollywoodLife posted its 100 percent wrong regurgitation of OK!, Gossip Cop pointed out on Twitter that we had the right story, and that HollywoodLife had the wrong story.

Lo and behold, a few hours later, HollywoodLife reversed course completely — ripping off Gossip Cop and claiming to have the “exclusive” that Cruise and Lohan are not dating. HollywoodLife did not have that exclusive. Gossip Cop did. If HollywoodLife had the right story from the beginning, the webloid wouldn’t have giddily posted the wrong story about Lohan being “head over heels” for Cruise.

Isn’t it amazing how a “source” exclusively revealed the truth to HollywoodLife after Gossip Cop posted an exclusive and specifically drew HollywoodLife’s attention to it? In any case, Wednesday is a perfect encapsulation of three things HollywoodLife doesn’t know the meaning of: reporting, exclusive or shame. We suspect we’ll be doing more of these stories in the future.

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