Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Set for Reunion?

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By Daniel Gates


Tom Cruise is trying to “revive his marriage to Katie Holmes,” reports OK! magazine. The tabloid claims that “after months of frosty relations, the ice has thawed between” the former couple, who split over the summer.

“The pair is planning to spend their upcoming wedding anniversary together in New York and a friend close to Katie believes that a full reconciliation is still possible!” declares the magazine. Seriously?

OK!’s source says that during a recent call with his daughter Suri, Cruise asked the six-year-old to pass the phone to Holmes. “Tom wanted to see how Katie was holding up. But the conversation started off awkwardly until he made a stupid joke and broke the ice,” explains the mag’s insider. “Suddenly, all the good times they shared together came flooding back. Katie remembered why she fell in love with Tom in the first place.”

According to the tab’s source, before the conversation ended, Cruise dropped a bombshell. “Tom just blurted out that he missed her and they should maybe think about getting back together,” alleges the so-called Holmes “friend,” adding, “Katie was shocked and laughed it off. But now that he’s put it out there, she’s trying to figure out if it’s where she wants to go.”

OK! says that even though it was Holmes who orchestrated an accelerated divorce in the first place, she’s now “really lonely” and has found it hard to “jump back into the dating pool.” Cruise, meanwhile, is supposedly desperate to get his ex back, says the tab. The mag further claims the actor initially didn’t fight the split because he was so stunned by Holmes’ decision, but now regrets that he didn’t take a stand. “Tom realizes he was acting out of pain and not from his true feelings,” explains the OK! insider. “He loves Katie immensely and what he wants more than anything is to have her back.”

According to the outlet, that’s why the former couple will allegedly meet up in New York on November 18 — which would have been their sixth anniversary — so that they can have a family day with Suri. OK! insists the planned reunion is “loaded with significance on several levels,” and could lead to a full reunion for Cruise and Holmes.

This is utterly fascinating… and 100 percent FALSE. Cruise and Holmes are NOT meeting up in New York on November 18. A source close to Holmes tells Gossip Cop the OK! story is “not true.” And a rep for Cruise informs us that he’ll be shooting a movie in London on that date. In other words, it’s all just another huge OK! screw-up involving the former couple. Oops.

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