CLAIM: Tom Cruise is “Falling Apart”

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By Michael Lewittes


Tom Cruise is “falling apart,” claims the National Enquirer in an overly dramatic cover story.

“In the past, he’s always been sure of himself and brimming with confidence,” writes the magazine, “but now he feels isolated and drowning in problems.” What kind of problems? According to the supermarket tabloid, Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes “could twist the knife in a bid to squeeze more child support.” The Enquirer adds that Cruise “could be forced to cough up additional bucks in child support to his ex,” and that if Holmes doesn’t work again, “it could mean Tom may have to fork over additional sums in child support.”

Note that the magazine says “could” a lot in the absence of any concrete information. It’s like the Enquirer could fact-check its stories, but it seems to prefer not to do so. More importantly, Holmes, who’s reportedly already receiving $400,000 a year for Suri’s support, has NEVER asked for more cash.

The tabloid then pastes together a series of really fake-sounding quotations from a so-called “source” close to Cruise. The seemingly made up quotes include its “source” saying, “At 50, [Tom] thought he’d be settled down and surrounded by a loving family. Instead, he’s a three-time loser at marriage who’s burying himself in work.”

And after noting that another of Cruise’s “crippling string of problems” is an expose book entitled, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief,” the mag has its dubious “source” saying, “The irony is that after splitting from his second wife Nicole Kidman, Tom has dated some of the world’s most beautiful women, including Penelope Cruz and Sofia Vergara.”

But now, adds the Enquirer’s phony “source,” the actor is “cruising clubs as a three-time divorcee and apparently hitting on women way below his usual A-list standard. He even reportedly went out on a date with a young restaurant manager from New York City. That’s how far he’s fallen.”


No one, while talking normally, says thing likes “his usual A-list standard,” “his second wife Nicole Kidman,” or “he even reportedly went on a date with a young restaurant manager from New York City. That’s how far he’s fallen.”

The quotes are completely fabricated. And the Enquirer’s entire premise that Cruise is “falling apart” is also made up. That said, Gossip Cop still checked with a mutual friend of ours and Cruise, and we’re assured the tab’s story is “all false.” Of course, the Enquirer is the same publication that Cruise threatened to sue after the magazine alleged that he subjected Holmes and their daughter to a “house of horrors.”

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Tom Cruise is falling a part.

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