Tom Cruise Picks Scientology Over Suri?

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By Daniel Gates


According to In Touch, the “biggest mystery in Hollywood” is Tom Cruise’s time away from daughter Suri. The magazine claims the actor’s “prolonged absence” has “insiders and fans alike wonder[ing] what could possibly be keeping him away from her for so long.”

Well, the tab thinks it has the answer: Scientology. In Touch reports, “According to former Scientologists, the religion’s tenets dictate that when someone leaves the church, remaining family members must ‘disconnect’ from them.”

“The rules would prevent Tom from seeing [Katie Holmes], who would be labeled a ‘suppressive person’ for splitting with Tom in June,” speculates the mag, citing a former Scientologist. “It could also mean disconnecting from his daughter.”

That’s fascinating… except it makes zero sense. Cruise has seen Suri since his split from Holmes. In fact, In Touch ran a disgusting cover story back in August showing the actor and his daughter on a trip to Disney World, asking whether Suri was “Forgetting Mommy Already?”

Why hadn’t his Scientology prevented Cruise from “connecting” with his daughter then? In Touch seems to be on an “abandoned Suri” kick these days, but really, the magazine is just doing what it’s been doing for months — trying to make both Cruise and Holmes look bad, and printing speculation that does not correspond to actual, real-life developments.

Here’s what’s actually happening: Tom Cruise is currently filming All You Need Is Kill in London, and Katie Holmes is raising Suri in New York. His absence is tied to professional obligations that were set a long time ago. It has nothing to do with Scientology, and Cruise is not “disconnecting” long-term from his six-year-old daughter. A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop the In Touch story is completely “false.”

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